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Vernardou Maria

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    Vernardou Maria
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Maria Vernardou from Thessaloniki who teaches street choreo at our school. She started exploring the dance world at the age of 8, attending hip-hop classes.

She continued her journey in various teams such as Hooligang, The Shawteez, Academy of Kidz, Omega (with a great presence at HHI 2017 Thessaloniki and WOD 2017 in Rome), Civil Lies (BEST ON 2018 Barcelona and HHI 2019 Thessaloniki), and Rookies (UDO 2019 Manchester and HHI 2019 Thessaloniki).

In 2014, she decided to invest in continuous education, becoming a student at the dance school “Academy of Dance” in Thessaloniki, where she enhances her talent in hip-hop genres such as popping, krumping, locking and new style.

She is not limited to Greece and is constantly seeking new experiences in dance. She participates in seminars abroad, such as Urban Dance Camp in Germany, IDANCECAMP in Rome, EUROPEAN in Germany and SAF Dance Camp in Thessaloniki. She has taken classes from internationally recognized teachers such as Lyle Beniga, Keone & Mariel Madrid, Anthony Lee, Brian Puspos, Duc An Tran, Kenzo Alvares, and many others.

The experience of teaching since 2018 at the Academy of Dance in Thessaloniki has inspired her to share her love for street choreo and hip-hop with her students. She choreographs for the school’s competitive sections and coaches the teams, preparing them for various competitions. Street choreo is her favorite genre, as it fully reflects her energy and authenticity, and she passes it on to her students with passion.

“In my class, street choreo, I aim for creative and technical harmonization. Specifically, we train in technique, allowing students to explore their energy and express it through dynamic choreographies.

In this class, it is not only the movements that we learn, but also the correct awareness of our body. Here, you learn how to manage your energy and how to express it through movement. It is an opportunity to discover your potential and to take advantage of it.

But my course is not just about technique. The perform is equally important. This is where the dancer’s self-confidence is expressed, giving him the opportunity to strengthen his presence in his dance.”