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Vivi Ioannidou

academy of dance vivi
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    Vivi Ioannidou
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This year, Vivi Ioannidou is teaching old school at our school. Old School refers to traditional, classic techniques in dance, primarily in Hip-Hop. Her aim this year is to combine her love and knowledge of Hip-Hop with the songs that influenced her and made her fall in love with this culture. Beyond dance, she emphasizes her role as an educator, her studies in acting, and her years of dedication to dance. She has participated in workshops, competitions, and has explored various dance styles to offer comprehensive teaching.

“My passion for teaching has always been there, but in the last 3 years, it has started taking shape. My goal, generally and especially in the Old School drop-in class, is to learn the groove — to feel the music and have a good time with it and our bodies, just like it used to happen at the parties where Hip-Hop was born!”