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Thodoris Mpatsakis

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    Thodoris Mpatsakis
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Mpatsakis Thodoris starts his professional career in 2016 with salsa cubana and generally with Afro-Cuban dances, his competitive career in Greece from 2012-2017 with several distinctions and firsts. He is a promising young teacher as he is constantly training with seminars in Greece and abroad. She has been taught by Vassilis Marapidis as a member of the THESsalsoNIKI Rueda Team & “Timba Real” teams of the THESsalsoNIKI dance school who represented Greece in 2015 at the European Championship Rueda De Casino winning 3rd place in Stuttgart. He has been taught by big names in different festivals around the world in the genre such as : Yoannis Tamayo , Yeni Molinet , Maykel Fonts , Alberto Valdez , Danger Rodriguez , Hector Olviedo , Yoandy & Diana , Seo Fernandez, Sergio Larrinaga etc. In recent years he has been teaching in the city of Thessaloniki, sharing his passion and madness for Cuban culture!!

“In the academy of dance I teach Bachata, Timba and Salsa Cuban style which is Cuban dance in pairs and a mixture of different dance styles such as Son Cubano, Bolero & Danzon. In this dance prevails mainly combination of different figures! In each class, I want to help students transform the movements into unique figures and express themselves through dance!”

Timba is a branch of Salsa with an abrasive effect, developed in Cuba. It is characterized by more modern rhythms and impressive movements.

“As a teacher, my goal is to convey the multi-dimensional beauty of Timba, inspiring students to dance with passion and expressiveness. I want to create a different dance experience while introducing my students to the history and rich heritage of Timba.”