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Saridou Maria

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    Saridou Maria
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Maria Saridou was born on 7/9/92 in Thessaloniki. From the age of 8, she started dancing Latin, pursuing it competitively, participating in competitions. At a professional level, she obtained certification in American style Latin and Ballroom dances at the age of 13. She has also been involved with salsa and Afro styles.
Her love for dance then led her to pursue training in street styles by attending seminars in Greece and abroad, taught by distinguished instructors in the field such as Keone Madrid, Antony Lee, Bam Martin, Kapella, Hilty&Bosch, Ian Eastwood, Shay Latukolan, and many others. She has competed in events like the HipHop International 2015, clinching the first position with her team. Subsequently, at the World HipHop International, she achieved the 23rd position among 80 teams from around the world.

Bounce 2012 first place.
Bounce 2014 first place.
HHI 2014 third place.
HHI 2016 first place.
HHI 2017 first place.
HHI 2022 first place.

She attended seminars at the renowned Urban Dance Camp program with a partial scholarship. Additionally, she took part in the Empowerment Show in England, featuring choreographers Sela Vai and Fetu. In 2017, she participated in the Greek ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ reaching the live shows among the top 20 dancers.
She has worked as a backup dancer in music video clips and shows (X-Factor) with artists such as Eleni Foureira and Sakis Rouvas. Additionally, she worked as a choreographer for Marina Satti.
Her passion for teaching led her to create the movement ‘Frames of Mind,’ where, for the past 5 years, she has trained numerous dancers. She has been active in the dance education field since 2001, based in Thessaloniki, while also conducting workshops in Greece and abroad.

I teach street commercial, which is a fusion of multiple styles.
Additionally, I have the lesson Framesofmind, which is essentially a movement where the name came to me thinking about the different choreographies and diverse moods I have as an artist. I wanted to capture all these happenings in one phrase and create a lesson where I could simply be myself with the small ‘frames’ that exist in my mind, without rules. This is how Framesofmind was born, where you’ll encounter choreographies with elements from street, commercial, Latin, based on various music genres!