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Markellos Fragkos

Academy of dance Markelos
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    Markellos Fragkos
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Markellos Fragkos started dancing in 2015.

In 2016, he secured third place in the megacrew division with the Academy of Kidz at HHI Greece.

In 2017, once again, he achieved third place in the megacrew division with the Academy of Kidz. at HHI GREECE

In 2018, he secured the first place in the Adult division with the Rookies at UDO in England.

In 2022, he clinched the first place in the Adult division with Learry Now at HHI Greece.

He has also participated in other competitions abroad. In 2018, at WOD in Italy with the Rookies and at The Best On in Spain with the megacrew Civil Lies, competing for remarkable positions among high-level teams.

Lastly, he has attended seminars led by international choreographers both in Greece and abroad. He continues to pursue knowledge without stopping to this day.

“Hello guys,

The style I practice is street choreo, which draws influences from all street styles and new style. I focus on encouraging students to express themselves with originality and creativity, giving them the freedom to discover their unique dance style. During the classes, we practice new movements and elements, showcasing the dynamism of the new style. My goal is to inspire my students to dance with passion, authenticity, and self-assurance as they explore the vibrant world of the new style. For this reason, I strive to work methodically so that by the end of the class, everyone has gained something that will help them evolve. I look at each person as an individual unit and strive to provide them with what they need to enhance both their dancing abilities and their creativity. A key characteristic of my classes is also having fun, as dance is joy in motion.”